The Three Questions You Have to Answer

funny motivational speakerI am frequently asked, “How’d you come up with the idea for Joe Malarkey”?  The short answer is, during a conversation with a friend it popped out: “I’ve got an idea for a funny keynote.  What about a really, really awful motivational speaker!”

I spent a year writing the show.  That’s how long it took to discover what Joe’s message would be, what made him unique and why someone would want to hire my version of a funny motivational speaker.  It was long process and was littered with false starts and dead ends.

Looking back, I realize these are the same questions that have to be answered for any business.

What is your message?

What is the experience you are bringing to your customers?

What makes you unique?

What can you do that your competitors either cannot or will not?

Why should I hire you?

What can you deliver that your customers will find so valuable that they will stand in line to buy?

Just as an aside.  After performing the Malarkey show for over 18 years, I had a very successful, veteran speaker confess a secret.  He told me that if I had asked his advice in the beginning, he would have told me that this would never work and not waste my time.

So in the challenging process of figuring out who you are and what you bring to the marketplace, be careful.  Someone else’s opinion should never be given more weight that your vision.




About Joe Malarkey

Joe Malarkey is a character that exploded onto corporate and association stages. His contrarian philosophy and over-the-top ideas ignite laughter and applause at every event. TV shows as diverse as “60 Minutes” and “To Tell The Truth” featured him as a unique and outrageous voice.