The Joe Malarkey Show

From the very beginning, the Joe Malarkey show is unique, contrarian and fun.  A VERY FUNNY short video acts as Joe’s introduction, warm-up and opening act.  Virtually every time, at the end of the video, two things are present in the room:  The sound of sustained applause and an audience that can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

Choosing from a wide spectrum of proven material, “Joe” selects the segments that will connect best with your audience. One of the most popular is Joe’s Customer Service Training that asks the question, “What Would T.S.A. Do?”

Customer Service, the TSA Way

After a solid block of outrageous fun and continuous laughter, an amazing dynamic occurs – Openness.  The barriers are down and minds have be refreshed and cleared. This is when George can share real stories and real ideas for overcoming fear, challenges, and obstacles.

George starts on the “big picture”, explaining the misconception that people hold about failure. Revealing the true “Opposite of Success”, George explores the greatest business success story of the last decade: Apple.

The Opposite of Success

And finally, understanding that all achievement begins on the personal level, George takes us behind the amazing story of Susan Boyle.

Instant Change

Joe’s greatest gift is getting you to look at things like you never have before.  George’s talent is to take serious subjects and examine them in an entertaining and engaging fashion.

Two speakers, one is so wrong you can’t believe he’s up there.  One is so right, you’ll look forward to your next challenge.  And one thing in common:  Funny.  Always funny.