What if everything you wanted to be, everything you wanted to have, was just 30 seconds away?



ebook-burstThe new book coming from George Campbell:

Burst – The 30 Second Plan to Banish Fear and Get Everything You REALLY Want


“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” – Franklin Roosevelt

“And that’s more than enough to stop 99% of the population.” – George Campbell

If someone asked you to come up with a four-letter curse word that starts with “f”, the first word that jumps to mind probably wouldn’t be “fear”.  But, fear curses the lives of literally millions of people.

Fear keeps people from acting on their talents.  It traps people in unfulfilling jobs far below their potential.  It locks people in loneliness, never experiencing the relationships and love that they crave.

The curse is not in feeling fear.  The curse is in not understanding how to break out of the paralysis that accompanies that feeling.

The biggest fear myth is that, in order to achieve great things, we have to become fearless.  We believe that courage has to be a 24/7 proposition.  And because we know that is an unattainable ideal, we don’t even make the attempt.

The good news is real accomplishment doesn’t require wall-to-wall bravery.  Here is what you have to have: a BURST.

A BURST is a tiny, manageable, possible, 30 seconds of courage.  A mini-sprint in which you take action in spite of your fear.  For 30 seconds.  Envision a really painful or embarrassing event.  Holding you hand over a candle or standing speechless in front of an audience.  And then ask yourself this: If the future that I dream about depended on it, could I tolerate that pain for 30 seconds?  Could I be a Half-Minute Hero?  If the answer is “Yes”, you’re about to start an amazing adventure.

BURST is a book for people who know they could live more, be more and have more.  But fear has blocked their path.  BURST is the 30 second plan to break down the barrier between you and everything you REALLY want.