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A clearly disturbed fan recently sent me this message

A clearly disturbed fan recently sent me this message: "Joe, I notice on your credentials that you have listed, CSI.  I watch that all the time.  My favorite part is when the redheaded guy takes off his sunglasses.  But I've never seen you on the program." - Disturbed Fan Excellent question!  Like you, DF, I'm a big fan of the show also.  Surprisingly, my favorite part is when the redheaded guy puts on his sunglasses. However, I think … [Read More...]

The Three Questions You Have to Answer

I am frequently asked, "How'd you come up with the idea for Joe Malarkey"?  The short answer is, during a conversation with a friend it popped out: "I've got an idea for a funny keynote.  What about a really, really awful motivational speaker!" I spent a year writing the show.  That's how long it took to discover what Joe's message would be, what made him unique and why someone would want to hire my version of a funny motivational speaker.  It … [Read More...]

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